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About Susan Farber
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BA in Psychology-UCSB, 1989

MA in Clinical Psychology -Antioch University, 1993

Work Experience & Clinical Training

Susan Farber is a Marriage Family Therapist in private practice. In 1989, she received her Bachelorís in psychology from the University of CA, Santa Barbara and Masterís at Antioch University, Santa Barbara in 1993. Prior to making the move to full time private practice in 2002, Susan worked as a Marriage Family Therapist intern and case manager at Solutions at Santa Barbara, a neuro-cognitive rehabilitation center for individuals recovering from a traumatic brain injury and stroke. Under the guidance of a licensed clinical psychologist, she became experienced in providing adjustment counseling to individuals and their family members coping with the devastating effects of a life-changing event. While working at Solutions, Susan sustained a brain injury from a bicycle accident which enhanced her understanding of the adjustment issues and recovery process. This experience enabled her to foster a deeper therapeutic connection between her and her clients.

Susan also received clinical training at the Family Service agency where she was first introduced to the concept of the mind/body connection. Initially she was somewhat skeptical about the concept of denied emotions being manifested in bodily symptoms. However, through her own psychological and physical recovery from her bicycle accident, she became open to the mind/body connection and was able to own and then free herself of negative beliefs and emotions which prevented her from living a pain-free life. This recovery process cemented her belief in the interconnection between oneís body and emotions.

Susan has also received specialized training in art therapy, sport psychology, guided imagery, behavioral modification, and drug/alcohol counseling. She is strongly interested in athletic performance and enhancement, growing from her personal experience as a competitive athlete. Her expertise in cognitive / behavioral therapy lends itself to working with competitive athletes struggling with self-limiting beliefs and performance anxiety.

In addition to private practice, Susan facilitates an art therapy group at Jodi House, a day program for brain injury survivors and offers aromatherapy sessions for positive mind states. She is a contracted provider for College Health IPA, where she provides case management and coaching to individuals with substance abuse and mental health issues.