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In my work, I use a cognitive behavioral approach. My goal is to help clients become aware of beliefs that are limiting their life experience. By understanding that beliefs are learned, clients realize that they can figuratively ‘clean house’, keeping only those beliefs that serve them and enhance their well being. Beliefs are not carved in stone but can be modified. As a therapist, it has been my experience that clients believe they have limited choices or options in their lives. Again, this is based on a faulty belief system. I gently challenge this line of thought, enabling my clients to gain a greater sense of freedom and personal power, knowing that in every situation they have the ability to choose.

I have also found that many of my clients who feel depressed and/or anxious have lost touch with their life’s intention and lack passion and purpose in their lives. It is my hope that I can help my clients reconnect to their inner muse and begin living a more fulfilling life.

Often my work encompasses a mind/body perspective. I believe that many physical ailments have an emotional component to them and everyone’s body is a wealth of often underutilized information. I teach my clients to use their body as a barometer in order to gain valuable insight into denied emotions and issues. In taking responsibility and ownership of their physical selves, a sense of empowerment emerges, enabling my clients to move forward and make positive life changes.